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Weber Abrasives & Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd is pleased to introduce Karnasch.

Karnasch are manufacturers of German made, high quality professional tools for drilling and metal removal.

Products include Core Drills (Broach Cutters), Bi-Metal Holesaws, Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaws, Countersinks and a large range of Solid Carbide Burrs.  


Karnasch burrs are manufactured using advanced burr technology. The Solid Carbide Burr range, with its new Blue Tech Coating gives users considerably longer use than other burrs manufactured.


The price of these burrs is similar to other brands, therefore providing cost saving benefits to customers.


Shape C Carbide Drill Shape C Carbide Burr          

  Core Drill

Core Drills (Broach Cutters) are able to be used for almost every material on the market. The range includes a low cost/ high quality universal shank core drill that is designed for all general mild steel applications.

Core Drill (Broach Cutter)
bulletThe Gold Tech core drill, with its universal shank, is designed to be able to fit most machines manufactured.
bulletThe Durablack Coated XE Core Drill is designed to get more life than other core drills on the market and is capable of drilling through materials such as Stainless Steel, RailTrack and Bis Alloy 400.

Hole Saw

Step Drill

Hole Saw

Hole Saw

Step Drill with Spiral Saw

Hole Saw

Customers interested in saving tool costs may like to try these products.

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New Product from 3M




Scotch-BriteTM Bristle products from 3M. 

New, revolutionary patented technology which sets new standards that  others envy.

Providing SAFER working environments

Increasing PRODUCTIVITY gains

Increasing VERSATILITY of applications

Reducing COSTS



Download the brochure now

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New Product from 3M




Radial Bristle Disc for Jewelry.   


3M Radial Bristle Discs for Jewelry have caught on rapidly with jewelry manufactures because they have fine, flexible bristles that can be used to finish a variety of jewelry in a clean, safe and very effective manner.

Contact us for more information or if you would like to see a demonstration of this revolutionary new product.



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